The following links provide summaries (in the form of tables and charts) for each EU member state's exports and/or imports of wood-based products.  The summaries do so in units of both physical quantity and recorded trade value.

Austria Estonia Italy Portugal
Belgium Finland Latvia Romania
Bulgaria France Lithuania Slovakia
Croatia Germany Luxembourg Slovenia
Cyprus Greece Malta Spain
Czech Republic Hungary Netherlands Sweden
Denmark Ireland Poland UK

The share of specific non-EU countries in member states' trade of particular forms of wood-based product can easily be determined from that data, as can the trend over time in that share.

The share of specific EU member states in the EU's imports from individual non-EU countries can likewise be determined.

The quality of source data (particularly that of the Netherlands) is all too frequently poor[-]. Factors for estimating roundwood equivalent volume from weight or volume are perhaps even more subject to error.

However, the intention of these summaries is to facilitate reasonable insights, not precision.

Having - and constructively using - this data (and that on other pages of this website) should help optimise the design, management and auditing of not only the FLEGT Action Plan but also member states' implementation of EC Regulation 995/2010. (That regulation is usually referred to the "EU Timber Regulation" or "EUTR" despite non-timber products such as pulp and paper being within its scope).

The data contrasts with that produced under the EC's contract with the ITTO to provide Independent Market Monitoring services (ending in 2018) in the context of FLEGT-licensed products as and when these are routinely traded.[-][-]