The following links provide charts which illustrate - in terms of roundwood equivalent volume - EU Member States' annual production, imports, exports and end-usage of wood-based products.  The necessarily notional estimates of roundwood equivalent ("RWE") volume displayed on those charts have been estimated by assuming, for example, in units of volume per unit of weight:
1.4 (firewood),  1.6 (chips and residues), 1.8 (fibre board), 2.3 (pellets),
2.8 (wooden furniture), 3.5 (paper) and 4.5 (wood-based pulp), and in units of volume per unit of volume:  1.0 (logs),  1.8 (sawn wood), and 2.3 (plywood).
Austria Estonia Italy Portugal
Belgium Finland Latvia Romania
Bulgaria France Lithuania Slovakia
Croatia Germany Luxembourg Slovenia
Cyprus Greece Malta Spain
Czech Republic Hungary Netherlands Sweden
Denmark Ireland Poland UK
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