The following links provide spreadsheet files which enable one to estimate several non-EU countries' imports of "illegal" wood-based products (in units of both physical quantity and recorded trade value).  Please click here for notes concerning these files.

Please note that the Legality Assurance System evolving under the VPA between the EU and Indonesia does not address illegalities which are fundamental to Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade, such as those concerning the (a) allocation of rights to log or clear forest and (b) customary rights.  As such, the market share of some enterprises supplying products within the scope of that VPA might not increase (and might decrease unless the EC and its contractors promote negligence of those illegalities).  The FLEGT Action Plan would be put at risk if, when authorising the routine flow of FLEGT-licenced products, the Joint Implementation Committee of the EU~Indonesia VPA does not (i) highlight salient illegalities which the Legality Assurance System ignores and (ii) describe how those illegalities will be addressed under the VPA subsequent to FLEGT-licensing. The negligence of fundamental illegalities in the EU~Indonesia VPA sets an unfortunate precedent - Guyana seeks to exclude those illegalities.  However, the precedent makes it more likely that Sarawak will participate in the EU~Malaysia VPA.
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